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VigorACS SI是強而有力的中央網管管理系統,可以讓系統整合商在管理居易產品上能夠更加便利,基於具備TR-069的特色,VigorACS SI透過使用者友好界面,幫助用戶輕鬆管理裝置設備的設定,而作為一個附加價值的服務供應商,系統整合商能協助使用者設定VPN連線、提供VoIP服務並 降低顧客管理費用。

此外,易於了解的管理方式可讓新的IT人員輕鬆上線,分析資料並為顧客提供服務。VigorACS系統整合版利用產品種類與功能如IPSec /PPTP VPN等設定來簡化管理作業,只需要些許的技術背景就能夠利用VPN精靈設定完善的VPN環境,不會受困於IPSec或PPTP複雜的參數設定之中。


Wholesale Provider

2: Value Added Support (Remote diagnostic & management)

3: MNC Model (Global management)




VigorACS SI 版本僅適用於與TR-069規格相容的Vigor路由器


    • 支援TR-069 Vigor路由器系列
    • 客戶端設備網路層級群組無限制
    • 遠端自動設定檔與狀態監督
    • 動態與排程服務設定檔
    • 容易設定的VPN精靈
    • 檢討每日報告與性能
    • 系統紀錄
    • 即時警示管理
    • 拓墣管理
    • 進階韌體管理
    • 安全性與使用者群組管理 


Main Features and Benefit

Auto provision

Users can reduce the high cost on administrative and on-site supporting tasks but still provide high quality service remotely via VigorACS SI. For MNCs’ MIS administrator, they can fulfill various operation needs, such as VPN connections, VoIP setting or uploading new application/profiles for worldwide branches from HQ anytime when the business grows.

System administrator can trigger provision for new uploaded profile, do firmware upgrade, and backup/restore configuration of certain CPE at specific time In addition, Provision Setting can prevent changes of setting in CPE from unexpected modifying, such as Network, VPN, VoIP and Firmware version. ing function can also execute the batch profile setting for CPEs by choosing the corresponding user group in Group Management.

Device Management

Easy-to-use wizard settings

VPN wizard embedded with advance algorism technique - Circular Layouter lets administrators just drag specific CPEs, physically spreading in different locations together in the WUI, and then VigorACS SI would automatically place CPEs to best position for making VPN connection between each other without going through traditional troublesome setting steps. Administrators can choose different types of VPN connection including PPTP and IPSec corresponding to the different network needs of the CPE physical locations.

Configuration wizard provides even convenient user interface for backup and restore tasks. Administrators can flexibly set up specific date/time and occurrence timeframe for selected device(s) or group(s).

Firmware wizard is capable for scheduling firmware upgrade date/time or doing immediately.


Other wizard functions will be available in future firmware version.

In addition to wizard settings, Performance Management helps administrators to monitor device summary, detail status of individual CPE(s) and generate LAN/WAN static & graph reports, firmware reports and CPE IP overview (LAN/WAN) reports for comprehensive remote monitor & management needs. Network Topology Management allows Admin to see physical location for CPE via Google Map view with device basic information.

Alarm & Log Management

VigorACS SI utilizes Alarm Information section to notify administrator any abnormal situation of managed CPEs for fast reacting to ensure customer satisfaction. Latest alarm will also be displayed in ACS SI homepage to catch administrator’s attention for immediate reaction. The types of alarm occurrence, level of alarm, acknowledge status help supervisors evaluate each admin performance based on records displayed in Alarm Information section. Admin can notify CPE owner via e-mail when the error is detected through E-mail sever setting in this section to provide end-user up-to-date information about CPE status.

Log view section has two major portions including Device action and System. Device action records action, download, reboot, parameter values, object adding and deleting executed by VigorACS SI for traceability. Based on saved records, admin can know exactly what/when has been done to which CPE. System portion will record the modification or changes of the CPE(s) done by VigorACS SI, such as changing network, name of CPE or location of CPE and so on.

User Operation Management

User Operation Management has three-level user authority for different administrators, including (from high to low) System Administrator, user name as root; Administrator, user name as admin; Operator, user name as Operator.

For instance, IT Dept Head or ACS SI license host can be System Administrator with highest authority, senior IT Dept engineer or ACS SI license reseller as Administrator with middle authority covering their responsible user groups and junior IT Dept engineer as Operator with lowest authority for covering only their job-related user group(s).

System Architecture

The following figure shows an overview of the application between VigorACS and CPE devices. With TR-069 protocol, VigorACS SI can easily communicate and manage devices..